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US-4845021-A: Method for recording optical information in optical high density recording mediums patent, US-5209996-A: Membrane consisting of silicon carbide and silicon nitride, method for the preparation thereof and mask for X-ray lithography utilizing the same patent, US-6221440-B1: Process for plating metal coating patent, US-6428620-B1: Substrate processing method and apparatus and SOI substrate patent, US-5847459-A: Multi-level wiring using refractory metal patent, US-6078471-A: Data storage and/or retrieval method and apparatus employing a head array having plural heads patent, US-6300228-B1: Multiple precipitation doping process patent, US-6417293-B1: Thermoplastic silicone elastomers formed from polyester resins patent, US-5808371-A: Apparatus for driving electrical loads provided at a vehicle patent, US-6279352-B1: Long hot zone furnace element and optical fiber drawing method practiced therewith patent, US-5796349-A: System and method for monitoring wear of an axial bearing patent, US-6140668-A: Silicon structures having an absorption layer patent, US-5561902-A: Method of manufacturing a ladder frame assembly for a motor vehicle patent, US-6062411-A: Apparatus for organizing articles inside a portable cooler patent, US-5789219-A: Phosphatase activated crosslinking conjugating and reducing agents; methods of using such agents; and reagents comprising phosphatase activated crosslinking and conjugating agents patent, US-5874914-A: GPS receiver utilizing a communication link patent, US-5241214-A: Oxides and nitrides of metastabale group iv alloys and nitrides of group iv elements and semiconductor devices formed thereof patent, US-6031160-A: Inbred corn plant 7OLDL5 and seeds thereof patent, US-6040508-A: Inbred corn plant 01HG12 and seeds thereof patent, US-2011027347-A1: Polymersomes and methods of making and using thereof patent, US-2011301128-A1: Pyrrole Derivatives As Pharmaceutical Agents patent, US-2012021331-A1: Nanostructured catalyst supports patent, US-2012328569-A1: Inhibitors of hepatitis c virus ns5b polymerase patent, US-2013039904-A1: Gambogic acid cyclization analogues, their preparation method and application thereof patent, US-2013261348-A1: Process for Producing Ethanol by Alkane Oxidation and Hydrogenation or Hydration patent, US-2013330517-A1: Thermoforming Cover of Portable Electronic Apparatus patent, US-2013090-A: Organic coloring material comprising azo compounds and hydrogenated rosins patent, US-2014031290-A1: Novel glp-1 receptor stabilizers and modulators patent, US-2014051727-A1: Pyridonyl guanidine f1f0-atpase inhibitors and therapeutic uses thereof patent, US-2010069353-A1: Inhibitors of hiv replication patent, US-2010173898-A1: Substituted n-phenyl-pyrrolidinylmethylpyrrolidine amides and therapeutic use thereof patent, US-2012015042-A1: Rna sequence-specific mediators of rna interference patent, US-2012094976-A1: New chemical compounds patent, US-2012100140-A1: Stabilized fc polypeptides with reduced effector function and methods of use patent, US-2012252830-A1: Substituted Aminobutyric Derivatives as Neprilysin Inhibitors patent, US-2012276605-A1: Microorganisms for the production of methacrylic acid patent, US-2013018048-A1: Oxazole derivatives useful as modulators of faah patent, US-2013047292-A1: Soybean variety a1026843 patent, US-2013143291-A1: Production of monoterpenes patent, US-2013283417-A1: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety ch462271 patent, US-2013305406-A1: Inbred corn lines cb18, ab8, ab18, ab19, bb84, bb85, bb95, bb98, bb201, bc106, bc137, cb20, and mn26 patent, US-2014296066-A1: Pesticidal compounds patent, US-2014336190-A1: Benzimidazole derivatives as bromodomain inhibitors patent, US-2011039819-A1: Substituted phenoxybenzamides patent, US-2012028818-A1: Micro fluidic structures patent, US-2012082668-A1: Soluble il-17ra/rc fusion proteins and related methods patent, US-2012195947-A1: Protein nanocarriers for topical delivery patent, US-2012070487-A1: Alkylsaccharide compositions with nutraceuticals patent, US-2012129888-A1: Libraries of n-(2-oxo-1-phenylpiperidin-3-yl)sulfonamides for drug discovery patent, US-2012214800-A1: Organic Compounds patent, US-2012251594-A1: Delivery of Submicrometer and Nanometer Aerosols to the Lungs Using Hygroscopic Excipients or Dual Stream Nasal Delivery patent, US-2012272378-A1: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety ch014641 patent, US-2012278925-A1: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety ch540328 patent, US-2014099549-A1: High-capacity positive electrode active material patent, US-2014344988-A1: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety ch328692 patent, US-2010317842-A1: Development of Molecular Imaging Probes for Carbonic Anhydrase-IX Using Click Chemistry patent, US-2011087012-A1: Nucleic acid molecules coding for a protein with deacetylase activity, said protein, and method for the production of chitosan patent, US-2011223402-A1: Base interlining, methods for their manufacture and application thereof patent, US-2014120062-A1: Three-dimensional porous biodegradable cell scaffold patent, US-2011186926-A1: Semiconductor device having a lightly doped semiconductor gate and method for fabricating same patent, US-2012039912-A1: Rspondin-3 inhibition in bone disorders patent, US-2012164139-A1: Dopamine 3 receptor agonist and antagonist treatment of gastrointestinal motility disorders patent, US-2012179090-A1: Transmucosal delivery of therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof patent, US-2012187399-A1: Substrate for flexible device, thin film transistor substrate for flexible device, flexible device, substrate for thin film element, thin film element, thin film transistor, method for manufacturing substrate for thin film element, method for manufacturing thin film element, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor patent, US-2013227718-A1: Linker for unimolecular fret biosensor based on principle of fluorescence resonance energy transfer patent, US-2010301485-A1: Electronic device, conductive composition, metal filling apparatus, and electronic device manufacturing method patent, US-2012190975-A1: Nanoparticles for use in tumor diagnosis and therapy patent, US-2013108658-A1: Mutated structural protein of a parvovirus patent, US-2013281356-A1: Methods and compositions for modulating toso activity patent, US-2011093976-A1: Rice Cultivar CL 181-AR patent, US-2012047601-A1: Method of Reducing Acetylation in Plants to Improve Biofuel Production patent, US-2012052399-A1: Nonaqueous electrolyte battery patent, US-2013160150-A1: Methods for identifying compounds that modulate lisch-like protein or c1orf32 protein activity and methods of use patent, US-2014196412-A1: Mercaptan absorber for use with food patent, US-2011111010-A1: Method and Composition for Burned Skin patent, US-2013236573-A1: Esketamine for the treatment of treatment-refractory or treatment-resistant depression patent, US-2011064601-A1: Stainless steel product, use of the product and method of its manufacture patent, US-4875774-A: Apparatus and method for determining ring laser gyroscope phase at turnaround patent, US-2012237593-A1: Formulations of Guanylate Cyclase C Agonists and Methods of Use patent, US-2014147448-A1: Novel compositions and methods of preventing or ameliorating abnormal thrombus formation and cardiovascular disease patent, US-2010226838-A1: Process for the removal of catalyst degradation products patent, US-2011226267-A1: Transgenic Plants patent, US-2011236412-A1: Method for Preserving Polypeptides Using a Sugar and Polyethyleneimine patent, US-2013172388-A1: Novel cannabinoid receptor 2 (cb2) inverse agonists and therapeutic potential for multiple myeloma and osteoporosis bone diseases patent, US-2011098269-A1: Substituted Pyridazinone Derivatives as Histamine-3 (H3) Receptor Ligands patent, US-2014228322-A1: Erk inhibitors and uses thereof patent, US-2010118585-A1: High density spin torque three dimensional (3d) memory arrays addressed with microwave current patent, US-2011200815-A1: Fluoroalkyl phosphate compositions patent, US-2010290946-A1: Methods of making an article of semiconducting material on a mold comprising semiconducting material patent, US-2011207704-A1: Novel Oxadiazole Compounds patent, US-2010152159-A1: Imidazopyrazine syk inhibitors patent, US-2010099671-A1: Glucokinase activator patent, US-2011118245-A1: Raf kinase modulator compounds and methods of use thereof patent, US-2011127579-A1: Stacked oxide material, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device patent, US-2011230346-A1: Biphenyl-Substituted Cyclic Ketoenols patent, US-2010129868-A1: Delta 4,5 glycuronidase compositions and methods related thereto patent, US-2010280035-A1: Solid pharmaceutical composition comprising 1-(4-chloroanilino)-4-(4-pyridylmethyl)phthalazine and a ph modifier patent, US-2010301561-A1: Q Mahjongg Game Played With A Chinese Poker Deck patent, US-2010319248-A1: Device totrasfer and store freshwater, collect rainfall & grow vegetation patent, US-2011058000-A1: Digital Ink Jet Printing Method and Apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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